Why choose a

Qualcomm® aptX™ enabled device?

Premium Audio experiences without compromise

Low Latency Gaming

Why low latency?

Like you, when gaming we don’t want there to be a lag between the audio and what’s happening on-screen. By reducing the latency, we synchronize the two, so you’ll hear if a fellow gamer attempts to sneak up on you!

Virtually glitch-free connection

Virtually glitch-free connection

aptX is an audio technology designed to respond flexibly to the latest devices and how we believe people will be using them in the future.

  • Enjoy glitch free audio, even in the most challenging RF environments, like airports or a busy mall
  • Stream your favourite TV show on the go with in-sync audio and lip movement
  • Don’t miss a beat while gaming – no audio/video delay ensures a fully immersive experience
  • Get the most from your music by hearing even the smallest details

How aptX ensures you have a
seamless, uninterrupted audio experience every
you switch on

By reducing the size of audio files, aptX isn’t limited by the maximum bandwidth available with Bluetooth®. The audio file transmits without damaging the sound quality.

To significantly reduce the latency - the time between sending the audio and hearing it - aptX is designed to decompress the audio while it is playing.

This means you get the same high-quality audio you’re used to, with the freedom and convenience of no wires.

“Indistinguishable from high resolution audio.”

Salford University test results, 2015

Meet the aptX family

aptX™ HD is designed to deliver high definition (HD) audio over Bluetooth, to help you get the very most from your music.

Designed to deliver fully synchronized audio and video content, just the thing for using a Bluetooth wireless headset for gaming, where milliseconds mean virtual life or death.

Our original aptX technology powers the wireless sound behind many of the world’s finest smartphones, speakers, soundbars, headphones and tablets.

Qualcomm aptX is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.